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How to Understand the End-Time Prophecies of the Bible
by Hans LaRondelle, Th.D.

Jesus’ Prediction in Matthew 24, Paul’s Prophecy in 2 Thessalonians 2 and “The Apocalypse of John”

The purpose of this book is to help the reader better understand God’s plan for the redemption of planet Earth. Holy Scripture unfolds the meaning of God's plan until it reaches its full and complete unveiling in the last Bible book, the "Revelation of Jesus Christ" (Rev. 1:1). The book of Revelation is the highlight and climax of all previous prophecies. This suggests it has a profound spiritual unity with the other books of the Bible and requires a basic knowledge of all Scripture before a deeper insight into the Apocalypse can be ascertained. Click here for more...

The book of Revelation borrows its symbols, images, and terms mostly from the Old Testament. In fact it contains over 600 quotes or allusions to the Old Testament.  Revelation and its symbols, simply cannot be understood without some knowledge of the Old Testament roots.

Our authoritative example for the Christian application of the end-time prophecies will be the way Christ and the apostle Paul used the apocalyptic symbols of Daniel's book. Jesus' prophetic discourse in Matthew 24 (and parallels) and Paul's prophetic outline in 2 Thessalonians 2 constitute the two indispensable links between the books of Daniel and Revelation. Both Jesus and Paul apply the forecast of Daniel 7-12 in some respect to their own times as well as a future fulfillment. As Christian believers, we should derive our principles of prophetic interpretation from their historical applications of Daniel. These hermeneutical (interpretative) principles are of decisive importance for our understanding of the end-time prophecies in the Bible.

The first part of the book concentrates on Matthew 24 and 2 Thessalonians 2. In Revelation our aim is to grasp the essence of the final test of faith in the great controversy of the ages. Bible prophecy was never given to satisfy our curiosity about the future. Its divine goal is rather to encourage the people of God to persevere in the holy faith and to revitalize their blessed hope in the soon return of Christ as the Savior-King. When the Apocalypse of Jesus Christ has its full impact on our hearts and minds, we will experience its poetic and dramatic portrayals as the most sublime message of divine mercy and justice for humanity. This climax of prophecy is the heavenly assurance that the Creator cares for us and for our world and that His justice will prevail for all eternity m earth as it does in heaven.  The Book of Revelation contains God's final answer to Jesus prayer, "Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven."

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