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Hans Karl LaRondelle was born in the Netherlands in 1929. Although born into a Roman Catholic family, he was educated in Protestant schools. When he was 20 years old, he read a copy of “The Great Controversy” by Ellen G. White and was convinced by the Seventh-day Adventist message.   At that moment, LaRondelle’s life focus changed: he dropped his law studies at the Leyden State University and embarked on a theological course at Utrecht State University. Later, he continued his studies at the Reformed Free University in Amsterdam, receiving a doctor of theology degree in systematic theology in 1971 under the instruction of noted theologians G. C. Berkouwer and N. Ridderbos.

LaRondelle served as a pastor, evangelist, youth leader and teacher for the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the Netherlands for 14 years, from 1953-1966, before going to the Andrews University Theological Seminary for his long teaching career. Hundreds of pastors who completed their studies in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s sat in his classroom and were profoundly influenced by his teaching of the Scriptures.

He is the author of the books Perfection and Perfectionism, Christ Our Salvation, Deliverance in the Psalms, Chariots of Salvation, The Israel of God in Prophecy, and The Good News About Armageddon, Assurance of Salvation, How to Understand the End-time Prophecies of the Bible, and Our Creator Redeemer. He also co-authored the books A Symposium on Biblical Hermeneutics (G. M. Hyde, Ed.), Symposium on Revelation, Book II (F3. Holbrook, Ed.), and The Sabbath in Scripture and History (A. Strand, Ed.).  His last book, The Messianic Ministry of Jesus Christ, The New Perspective Of Jesus on the Hebrew Bible was not finished but is being completed by one of his star students, Dr. Jon Paulien.

His books have caused many scholars to change their views to a more Christ Centered view of prophecy.  His lectures and books have made a profound impact globally.

Hans LaRondelle died March 7 in Sarasota, Florida. He was 81 years old. This site is a small attempt to keep his Legacy alive and growing.


Hans K. LaRondelle,  Th.D.

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