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How to Understand the End-Time Prophecies of the Bible
by Hans LaRondelle, Th.D.

Jesus’ Prediction in Matthew 24, Paul’s Prophecy in 2 Thessalonians 2 and “The Apocalypse of John”

The purpose of this book is to help the reader better understand God’s plan for the redemption of planet Earth. Holy Scripture unfolds the meaning of God's plan until it reaches its full and complete unveiling in the last Bible book, the "Revelation of Jesus Christ" (Rev. 1:1). The book of Revelation is the highlight and climax of all previous prophecies. This suggests it has a profound spiritual unity with the other books of the Bible and requires a basic knowledge of all Scripture before a deeper insight into the Apocalypse can be ascertained. Click here for more...    Only $9.99

Light for the Last Days
Jesus' End-time Prophecies Made Plain in the Book of Revelation
In the midst of political, spiritual and economic upheaval and uncertainties, many wonder what the future holds. They also wonder what the Bible says about the end time and the purpose of human history. The authors of the Bible recorded their visions about the future in a prophetic language that needs interpretation today. There is a wide gap between their time, place, culture, and language, and those of our Western civilization. This gap must be bridged by a responsible method of interpretation and application to our modern world situation. The author of this book intends to help in bridging that gap. Click here for more...  Only $7.99

Deliverance in the Psalms

This book is intended for all Jews, Christians, and others who desire to better understand the psalms of Israel and would like to know how to pray and how to praise God more fully. The book goes far beyond a simple understanding of the Old Testament Israel and her worship. It peers into the future ministry of Israel's Messiah, Jesus Christ and beyond to the Apocalyptic fulfillment in the new heaven and earth. LaRondelle is a master at understanding the Scriptures through the eyes of Jesus Christ.   Only $9.99

Christ our Salvation

With the pen of a scholar, moved by the heart of a compassionate pastor, Dr. LaRondelle reviews the essential truths of the christian gospel. He does not avoid past problems that have divided the christian church-he faces them with intellectual rigor and Christian joy.

He asks, "How can these two concepts be harmonized: the fact that God in Christ has reconciled the world to Himself, and God's command to man to be reconciled to God? Why after God's act of reconciliation must there be an act of man?"

In the authors answer, such subjects as divine election and providence, gospel of reconciliation, justification, sanctification, and glorification are explained.

Dr LaRondelle writes "The Christian hope to Peter and John was not sterile quietism or wishful thinking, but a hope that actually purified the Christian life from sinful habits, taking Christ's historical life among men as the shining pattern of holiness and the norm of righteousness."   Only $4.99